Kitchen Cabinets not Just for Kitchens Anymore

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Kitchen Cabinets not Just for Kitchens Anymore – Not many families are in a position to do a lot of expensive remodeling on their homes these days – with questionable real estate and job markets, spending a lot of money on your house may not sound like a good idea. Fortunately there are many ways you can spruce up just about any room without digging too deep into your pocket — by using your imagination and THAT of the cabinet, your friends and neighbors may think you’ve been a custom cabinet maker pay a visit.

Kitchen Cabinets not Just for Kitchens Anymore
Kitchen Cabinets not Just for Kitchens Anymore

The improvement with the NAME of the Cabinet

If you’re not familiar with the NAME of the cabinet, they are just like the high quality cabinets often found in the kitchen design centers, but you assemble them yourself. They are usually a fraction of the cost of their better known counterparts, can often be put together with just a screwdriver, and are available in many finishes, styles, and wood species. If you want to apply your own unique color or stain mixture, many styles can be ordered in natural wood. While these DIY-friendly cabinets are great for remodeling your kitchen, a few other inexpensive room upgrades they can be used to:

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Work Area – if you have a office at home or at work, base cabinets work great as storage units and counter can be used as a work space, computer platform, or just a place to sit your printer. Add some wall cabinets to store office supplies or parts for your hobbies and crafts.

Laundry Area – base cabinets can make a great place to store detergents and fabric softeners that may be scattered all over the floor and counter on top makes a convenient platform for folding clothes as they’re pulled from the dryer.

Mud Room – if you call it a mud room, a room, or even into the house, a few base and wall cabinets can be an inexpensive way to restore order to the space. All those small lawn and gardening tools you use on a regular basis can be stored where they are easy to discover and provide a place to store those outdoor pet toys on the shelf instead of the entire area.

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Garage – keep your garage clean and organized can be easy if you add a few wall and base cabinets on the back wall. Garage storage companies charge an arm and a leg to increase the space – complete organization may cost you a very small with the NAME of the cabinet.

These are just a few inexpensive upgrade options using the NAME of the cabinet – you’re only limited by your imagination.